Brief History
South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics
South China Acadamy of Advanced Optoelectronics (hereinafter referred to as AOE) is a research and teaching unit that not only Cluster all source of advantages in South China Normal University, but also Introduce overseas’ high-level professors and research team and absorb their advanced of management experience. AOE also is a research and teaching unit in Building #5, Higher Education Mega Centre that opened a total construction area of 15,000 square meters.
- AOE Concept: high level, new mechanisms and internationalization. 
- Research Concept: Original, indomitable spirit.
- Talents: 4 academicians (local and foreign), 
4 national Outstanding Youth science Foundation winners , 4 "Chang Jiang Scholar" Distinguished Professors , 5 country thousands of plans selected people, 2 innovative research team in Guangdong Province, 4 Guangdong Province leading talentas.
Centre for Optical and Electromagnetic Research
Centre for Optical and Electromagnetic Research is composed by a number of high-level talent from abroad.
Chief Scientist: Sune Svanberg academician (academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering) is a member of the Nobel Prize in physics prize committee for 10 years, including two years chaired. 
Research results and strength
Team members of centre has a total of about 100 international patents, published more than 1,000 articles in the the high level of papers (including over 10 articles as the first corresponding author in《Science》,《Nature》and Sub journal). Report several times a year in International Conference (plenary / keynote), and have special reports more than 10 times a year, won more than 60 international awards and honors. The team undertakes scientific research innovation team in Guangdong Province and such as national "863 Program" research project. The team has a strong academic strength and research funding support, recently, the procurement of equipment amounted to approximately $ 40 million yuan.
Personnel situation
have more than 10 professors who renowned overseas universities experience of studying and high-tech entrepreneurial experience. (including 1 academician, 1 innovative research team in Guangdong Province, 1 country thousands of plans selected people, Guangdong Province, 2 "Chang Jiang Scholar" Distinguished Professors, 2 national Outstanding Youth science Foundation winners,1 national Youth thousands plan selected by a person, etc.). 
10 full-time teachers (including 3 professors, 1 associate professor, 5 lecturers), 1 post-doctoral, 1 secretary, 1 lab assistant, 4 distinguished / part-time professors, 6 visiting professors and researcher. The photoelectric Center are recruiting more talents now.
Main research areas and directions
① integrated chip technology; 
② fiber optic sensing and communication and sensor systems; 
③ free-space optical & electromagnetic wave technology;
④ biophotonics technology.
Research Team of the Institute For Advanced Materials
The Institute For Advanced Materials is committed to the development of clean energies and advanced materials in core technologies for modern communication industry, providing innovative know-hows and trained personnel for the industrial restructuring and technological upgrading of the Guangdong Province(or our country). 
Research Characteristics
Our team of 8 returning Ph.D.'s and post-doctoral researchers have devised and developed a world-glass solar cell with single-junction amorphous silicon thin film absorber layer that registers a 10.58% photoelectric conversion rate. Not satisfied with merely meeting the requirements of industrialization and production, the team have also constructed R&D laboratories and are building relevant testing facilities for further optimization.
Research Achievement
In 2 years, we acquired construction fund nearly RMB 2,000 million, that is using in leading talent and academic program.
We acquired 9 projects nearly 400 million in The National Natural Science Foundation of China. We published more than 20 articles in international high level academic journals, including 10 articles in "Nature" sub series, "Adv.Mater.", "ACS Nano","APL", "Biomaterials". We published a long review in "Advanced in Physics" and technical articles in "Nature Photonics", that got Martin Green's highly comments in "Nature Photonics".
Main Research Fields:
①Clean energy materials. 
We will establish the development system of integration to conduct a new generation of solar power technology and realize scale industrialization in Guangdong Province.
②Quantum control information materials.
We will carry out basic research to develop a new potential generation of information storage and processing technology.
Institute of Electronic Paper Displays
Institute of Electronic Paper Displays is founded by a team of experts both at home and abroad under the guidance of Professor Zhou Guofu, who is a member of the National Thousands of Talents Project and the leading talents of Guangdong province. 
Professor Zhou Guofu, who is the leading talent of Guangdong province, introduces the epaper display technology to the leaders and experts. 
Professor Rob Hayes, the leader of the innovation team of Guangdong province, is working in the laboratory. 
Talents and features
since the foundation of the team one year ago, it has got and introduced a member of the National Thousands of Talents Project, one academician, one innovation team of Guangdong province, two leading talents of Guangdong province, with its scientific research funds being more than 50 million yuan. The institute has 16 full-time and part-time professors, including 3 professors, 2 researchers and 5 distinguished professors and experts overseas. 
The institute is in rapid development phase with its annual research funding more than 20 million yuan. In the next five year, it is meant to become the international first-class new display technology research center. Relevant scientific research achievements receive close attention and high praise from the national and provincial leaders. 
Research achievements
Professor Zhou Guofu is one of the inventors, who invent the original key technology of the electronic paper and specializes in high-end optical, electronic information technology and new product development. Zhou Guofu and his research team members have more than 200 international invention technical patents, of which nearly 100 items have received invention patents of the United States. 
Publish more than 200 academic papers (including 7 articles which are published in "Nature", "Science" and their sub-journals) and give invited lectures in the international conferences for nearly 100 times, including International Light (Data) Storage Assembly (ISOM/ODS), Japan's International Display Annual Convention (IDW) and the United States' Information Display Annual Convention (SID). They also realize the conversion of ten scientific research achievements into the new product, including the successful listing of the global E-book products. 
The main research areas
① new reflective display technology and product research and development.
② the display technology research and development based on the chip laboratory. 
③ micro and nano manufacturing technology and technology research and development. These are the three main research directions, which cover many subjects, such as materials, chemistry, electronics, optical and optoelectronics.