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张璋   教授,博士/硕士生导师 image.png

Zhang Zhang

Professor, Doctorial and Master Tutor



1. 低维光、电催化材料的制备及其在能源、环境领域的应用

2. 低维纳米材料半导体器件的制备和表征

3. 多铁性低维材料的制备 (磁电耦合效应)

Areas of Research

1. Preparation and application in energy and environmental fields of low dimensional photocatalytic and electrocatalytic materials

2. Preparation and characterization of low dimensional nanomaterial semiconductor devices

3. Preparation of multiferroic low dimensional materials (magnetoelectric coupling effect)



2007年进入德国马克思普朗克微结构物理所Ulrich G?sele教授领导的研究小组,从事博士研究生工作。期间参与并完成了欧盟半导体纳米线电子器件项目(NODE),参与设计并搭建了世界上第一套高真空多功能化学气相生长系统(UHV-CVD+CBE)。研究了外延生长硅纳米线阵列的有序化问题,实现了具有锗/硅异质结界面的阵列结构表征,还完成了可控同位素硅纳米线外延和金属辅助刻蚀硅纳米线表征等成果。博士毕业后继续马普协会对外科学合作项目的博士后工作一年。2011年10月,被华南师范大学聘为教授,在华南先进光电子研究院先进材料研究所从事教学科研工作至今。


Experience of Research

In the research group directed by Professor Ulrich G?sele, Halle Germany, Marx Planck Institute of microstructure physics (2007-2011), engaged in PhD and Postdoc work. I had participated in and completed the European project of semiconductor nanowire electronic devices (NODE project), had designed and built the first multi-purpose high vacuum chemical vapor deposition system (UHV-CVD+CBE). The main achievements include the realization of epitaxial growth of ordered silicon nanowire arrays,the characterization of Ge / Si nanowire heterojunction interface,controlled isotope silicon nanowire epitaxy and metal assisted etching of Si nanowires. After a postdoc work in MPI-Halle with a foreign scientific cooperation project, I was hired as a professor at the South China Normal University in October, 2011, and engaged in teaching and research work in the Institute of Advanced Materials, South China Academy of Advanced Optoelectronics.




Scientific achievements: >30 SCI articles, six national invention patents have been authorized.


详细信息/Detailed Information

学习和工作经历/Study and Work Experience


2011 - now: Professor, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China


2010.09 -2011.10: postdoc, MPI-Halle, Germany


2009.05 -2009.07:  Lund University; Sweden; Young visiting scientist


2008.05-2008.07: IBM Institute in Zurich, Switzerland; Young visiting scientist


2007 -2010: Dr. rer.nat., MPI-Halle, Germany


2004 -2007: Department of Optical Science and Engineering, School of information science and engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai; Master of Science


2000 -2004:  Department of physics, College of science and engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou; Bachelor of Science



发表论文/ Refereed Journal Articles:

(1)Surface-Induced 2D/1D Heterostructured Growth of ReS2/CoS2 for High-Performance Electrocatalysts. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2020, 12(30), 33586-33594. Liu, YW; Li, J; Huang, WT; Zhang, Y; Wang, MJ; Gao, XS; Wang, X; Jin, ML; Hou, ZP; Zhou, GF; Zhang, Z*(张璋); Liu, J.-M.

(2)Enhanced charge transport in ReSe2-based 2D/3D electrodes for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2020, 56(2), 305-308. Li, J; Liu, YW; Liu, C; Huang, WT; Zhang, Y; Wang, MJ; Hou, ZP; Wang, X; Jin, ML; Zhou, GF; Gao, XS; Zhang, Z*(张璋); Liu, J.-M.

(3)Direct growth of vertically aligned ReSe2 nanosheets on conductive electrode for electro-catalytic hydrogen production. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2019, 553, 699-704. Li, J; Zhou, QW; Yuan, C; Cheng, PF; Hu, XB; Huang, WT; Gao, XS; Wang, X; Jin, ML; Notzel, R; Zhou, GF; Zhang, Z*(张璋); Liu, J.-M.

(4)Nickel-iron selenide polyhedral nanocrystal with optimized surface morphology as a high-performance bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting. APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2019, 488, 326-334. Hu, XB; Zhou, QW; Cheng, PF; Su, SQ; Wang, X; Gao, XS; Zhou, GF; Zhang, Z*(张璋); Liu, J.-M.

(5) Magnetically Recyclable MoS2/Fe3O4 Hybrid Composite as Visible Light Responsive Photocatalyst with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b05440, Lin, X.; Gao, X.; Wang, X.; Jin, M.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, Z*(张璋), Liu, J.-M.

(6)Robust Ferromagnetism in Zigzag-Edge Rich MoS2 Pyramids. Nanoscale 2018, 10 (24), 11578–11584. Zhou, Q.; Su, S.; Cheng, P.; Hu, X.; Zeng, M.; Gao, X.; Zhang, Z* (张璋), Liu, J.-M.

(7)Ultrathin Alumina Mask-Assisted Nanopore Patterning on Monolayer MoS2 for Highly Catalytic Efficiency in Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018, 10 (9), 8026–8035. Su, S.; Zhou, Q.; Zeng, Z.; Hu, D.; Wang, X.; Jin, M.; Gao, X.; N?tzel, R.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, Z*(张璋).; Liu, J.-M.

(8)Transparent Glass with the Growth of Pyramid-Type MoS2 for Highly Efficient Water Disinfection under Visible-Light Irradiation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018, 10 (28), 23444–23450. Cheng, P.; Zhou, Q.; Hu, X.; Su, S.; Wang, X.; Jin, M.; Shui, L.; Gao, X.; Guan, Y.; N?zel, R.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, Z*(张璋).; Liu, J.-M.

(9)One-Step Chemical Vapor Deposition of MoS2 Nanosheets on SiNWs as Photocathodes for Efficient and Stable Solar-Driven Hydrogen Production. Nanoscale 2018, 10 (7), 3518–3525. Hu, D.; Xiang J.; Zhou Q.; Su, S.; Zhang Z.; Wang, X.; Jin, M.; Shui, L.; Gao, X.; Guan, Y.; N?zel, R.; Zhou, G.; Zhang, Z*(张璋).; Liu, J.-M.

(10)Ordered Arrays of Vertically Aligned 110 Silicon Nanowires by Suppressing the Crystallographically Preferred Etching Directions. Nano Letters 2009, 9, 2519-2525. Huang. Z*, Shimizu. T, Senz. S, Zhang. Z(张璋), Zhang. X, Lee. W, Geyer. N, G?sele. U.

(11)Vertical Epitaxial Wire-on-Wire Growth of Ge/Si on Si (100) Substrate, Nano Letters 2009, 9, 1523-1526. Shimizu. T, Zhang. Z(张璋)*, Shingubara. S, Senz. S, G?sele. U.

(12)Bottom-Imprint Method for VSS Growth of Epitaxial Silicon Nanowire Arrays with an Aluminium Catalyst, Advanced Materials, Zhang. Z(张璋)*, Shimizu. T, Chen. L, Senz. S, G?sele. U.

(13)Ordered High-Density Si(100)Nanowire Arrays Epitaxially Grown by Bottom Imprint Method, Advanced Materials 2009, 21, 2824, Zhang. Z(张璋)*, Shimizu. T, Senz. S, G?sele. U.


科研项目/Projects :




(4) 广州市珠江科技新星项目“可应用于生物传感的新型硅纳米线阵列无栅化场效应晶体管材料的研究”(201506010019)(已结题),2015.04-2018.03,30万,负责人。

(5) 广东省自然科学基金项目“可应用于生物传感的新型硅纳米线阵列无栅化场效应晶体管材料的研究”(2014A030313434)(已结题),2015.01-2018.01,10万,负责人。

(6) 国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目“10纳米以下直径硅纳米线有序垂直阵列的模板辅助外延生长研究”(51204344)(已结题),2013.01-2015.12,25万,负责人。

(7) 广东省高等学校人才引进项目“可用于下一代高密度半导体电子器件的超细硅纳米线有序外延阵列的研究”(已结题),2012-2015,50万,负责人。



(1)张璋,张晓燕,黄康荣,(已授权)一种制备垂直有序多铁性双层纳米管阵列的方法,中国发明专利, 201710140154.4

(2)张璋,苏绍强,曾志强,汤丹,(已授权)一种制备高密度多孔二维二硫化钼纳米片的方法,中国发明专利, 201710199969.X


(4)张璋,亢梦洋,(已授权)一种基于离子刻蚀制备表面拉曼增强活性基底的方法, 中国发明专利, 201510743028.9

(5)张璋,刘利伟,高兴森,(已授权)一种Ag-SiO2-Ag纳米球阵列的制备方法,中国发明专利, 201510053810.8

(6)张璋,刘利伟,高兴森,(已授权)一种化学气相沉积制备表面拉曼增强活性基底的方法,中国发明专利, 201410321419.7


其他奖励/Others :

(1) 2015年4月,荣获“广州市珠江科技新星”

(2) 2010年5月,获得国家优秀自费留学生奖学金


联系信息/Contact Information :


Building 5, South China Normal University at Guangzhou Higher Educational Mega Center, Guangzhou 510006, China